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Default Re: Sofoklis Schortsanitis "Big Sofo" Now 300 Pounds

Hello Everybody ,

im Greek and i've been followin Sofo from the first time he stepped foot on a A1 basketball court back when he was playin for Iraklis Salonika.
i really LOVE watchin him Play
I know pretty much everything there is to know about the guy's game..

Lakas Fan Yo seems to be a die hard fan of sofo too but he is kinda exaggeratin about his abilities and potential.
On the other hand , Zen Master and a few other posters around here talk without havent even seen the guy play and its really unfair for him and for themselves who might look like fools if he actually makes it in the L..

The comment about Sofo being 10 times the player Camby and Kaman is or ever goin to be is just a joke . really
Sorry man but u re way over ur head ...

A few aspects on Big Sofo's Game:

-He's got amazing quickness for a guy his size. I mean jaw-dropping
-Great Footwork
-Very Soft touch around the basket. Can definitely score with a variety of moves . Power OR Finesse moves.
-CANNOT finish with his left hand (never uses it actually)
-CANNOT score off the Dribble
-Mediocre Free throw shooter (over the last 2 season improved from 40 to 60%)
-Unknown ability from Mid-Long-Range (never was allowed to shoot)
-Can defend the pick&roll really effectively- great at the hedge-out motion
-Really good at defensive rotations . Deffo can hold his own
- He was a Bad Rebounder but improved alot over the Last couple of seasons.
I think he can b average in the NBA due to the difference in style of play and court measurements.
-Average Passer for a big man. Especially, when being double or even triple teamed. Work in progress
-His average wingspan (i think its around 6-9) doesnt help him much when it comes to blockin shots. He is an above average blocker after contact (impact really) with opponents though
-He is NOT a Foul Prone anymore. He is greatly improved in this area-controllin his huge body. Most of the Fouls he recieved in Europe were mostly from flopping opponents. Im sure that wont b the case in the NBA
-As much as stamina goes i think he can play for about 20-25' a game

To sum it up, Sofoklis is a Special Player that is capable of the best and the worst. That really depends on how the new Clippers head coach will use him.
I really believe he CAN be a good player in the NBA BUT i cant bet any money on that.

Best Case Scenario : he can become a 15-7 type of CENTER
Worst Case Scenario: meaner Oliver Miller

I hope i enlightened u
and hey,
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