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Default Re: Dear Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Cavs fans are the coolest. I am still going to support the team even though my favorite NBA player signed on another NBA Team. I pray to God that you draft Harrison Barnes next year.

Big Ticket, Redblackattack, B-Low, Meticode, Gibson#1, Matthius, CavsLeBronmo, Cannonball, Bail. FCN, Delonte_West ( The poster), Sonic, Pleezebelieve, and Black Joker You guys are some of the best, nicest and funniest posters in this forum.

It was a very memorable 7 years. I hope LeBron only sign a 3 year contract with the Heat, and resign with the Cavaliers in 2013.

God Bless the Cavs. I am sure LeBron would return to Cleveland someday.

LeBron James should never be allowed to wear a Cleveland uniform again. It is obvious that, while he was a fantastic player for seven years, he was also a major headache and he made zero attempts to lure any other big-name players here.

This was a tweet by Brian Windhorst a few hours ago and I can't help but to be somewhat re-infuriated...

Western Conference executive: "LeBron has done more recruiting in the last five days than he did in the last 3 years."

It's obvious to me, in retrospect, that he always had his eye on making a move like this and never really intended on building a legacy here.

That said, I can't blame you, LB23. LeBron is your guy and at least you admit that you only really cheered for the Cavs because James was on the team. That is more than I can say for the majority of Cavs' bandwagoners I have seen come and go over the years.

Whatever the case, this thread made me smile. I'm glad to see that our outrage doesn't just exist in a Northeast Ohio bubble. The fact that so many others also took note of how badly James treated a city that didn't deserve it makes it hurt a little less.
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