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Default Re: Dear Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

Originally Posted by bisk
Can't blame the guy for making a decision, even though it's not the one we were hoping for.
I just wish he didn't bs all year long and saying stuff like 'Not going untill I bring a championship in Cleveland" etc...that pissed me off.

Fuck it, I'll keep on rooting for the Cavs. Gained so much respect for the City, and what's it been through Sports-History wise, even though I live in Europe.
Still believe Cavs can make something happen.
That isn't even the part that angers me the most. The worst thing of all is that James put on this whole charade and acted as though we were the 'front-runners' (he even said so in multiple interviews) knowing that he wasn't going to re-sign.

This Wade-Bosh-James thing has been in the works for some time.

So, Gilbert -- thinking that he had to make moves to attempt to appease LeBron and sway him to re-sign -- basically gutted what was a pretty well-established organization/system.

We fired our coach, which was not necessarily a bad move, but I do believe that Brown never received the credit that he deserved. Our GM quit due to Brown's firing. The entire coaching staff will be replaced.

On top of it all, we have made zero personnel moves. If he would have gone to Gilbert at the beginning of the FA process and told him that he was leaning toward leaving, things may have been completely different. We could have worked for a better S&T and had more leverage. Plus, we would have had time and a lot of extra space to make a good move to upgrade the roster and build for the future.

Instead, by stringing us along, James left the entire organization in ruins and, here we stand... Without a single roster move except the departure of LeBron.


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