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Default Re: Douchebags on the court.

Haha, I got a good story. I was playing at the park one time, and this group of about 6-7 guys come up and are like, "Who wants to get their asses kicked?" They didn't look like ball players cause they were all in just regular clothes. But whaterver, me and my boys are like, "Lets get a game going." And we did.

These guys were not team basketball players. About every play, whoever had the ball would just come up past half-court try to do some stupid fancy dribble and stop about 3 or 4 feet behind the 3-point line and just chuck it up. They missed almost all of them. They were like a combined 3-15, but of course, when someone actually made one like every blue boon, they would all cheer and talk some shit like they were the shit or something.

We weren't having a very efficient games ourselves though. We were moving the ball and playing great as a team, we were just struggling a bit. We were doing first to 11, but it took us like ten minutes to win.

One time during the game though, I was guarding on ball and he does isolation in the corner. Tries to cross me up while talking shit but I was sticking on him, then he heads down baseline trying to do some fancy dribbes to cross me up but I'm still stickin to him. After it was clear he wasn't going nowhere he suddenly literally throws the ball at my ****ing head and then tries to catch it back, but it just flies out of bounds.

His boys are like "Damn son, you getting schooled." They all start talkin more shit and I'm just staring at them because they are clearly ****ing idiots. My teammates and I were just giving eachother looks, wondering if these guys were retarded?

Then, next play, the same guy brings the ball past half-court and I'm stickin to him, and then he suddenly sticks his arm out and does a stiff-arm and it hits me right in the face. He yells some shit like "BAM!" and starts talkin even more shit. I was like, "The ****, this aint Football." Of course it was a foul but I wasn't complaining. If he wants to play like that, we can play like that. The play continues and the guy goes to the corner again and then again does the stiff arm. I'm just like "**** this" and just smack his arm away. I come up all on him and play lockdown Bruce Bowen Defense. He was shoving and pushing me away with his arms so I started doing the same shit. Shoving and pushing and playing real ****ing physical and aggressive. Shit was getting heated. We were both pretty much fouling eachother, but it was all good.

The guy picks up his dribble and now I am even more all up on his ass. He's moving around on his pivot and my teammates and I are denying the pass. He tries to fling it to his teammate at the top of the arc but he can't grab it and it flies out of bounds. Turnover. Great Defense. The guy then has the nerve to turn to me and say, "Damn man, why you gettin all physical. You foulin me and shit."

I'm just thinkin, this guy cant be serious. Anyways, we win the game and then they all walk off the court and one of them says, "Man you guys ****in suck. I don't got time to play with ya asses. I aint even prepared."

Yeah, bullshit right? They left, but a few minutes later some real hommies showed up and we started running some real basketball games.
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