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Default Re: Q-rich agrees to deal with Orlando Magic

Originally Posted by HylianNightmare
all i do is ***** and moan because the magic never make the moves to take them over the top.

boston still has at least 1 year left. and if you think signing duhon and Q is an improvement over jwill and barnes then only time will tell.
q is a better shooter but barnes was a pesky defender that would get out and run, i never said the magic aren't at the elite level, i consider them top 4 in the league but do you really see this team be able to beat the lakers if they meet in the finals?

They were 2 games away from the Finals for the 2nd straight year, WTF are you smoking?!

You have to realize that they are way over the cap, what do you expect them to do? They CANT make big moves, has nothing to do with them not wanting to, they cant! I'd love to see them sign CP3, they would love to aswell, but they cant do it.

Can they beat the Lakers? Maybe. Can they beat Miami? Nobody has even see these guys play together yet and they will all have to adjust their games and check their egos, they might not be able to.

You need to have more faith in your team. You consider them top 4, so at least we have more to be happy about than 26 other teams, right? Come on.
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