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Been hitting up the weight room/starting practice for football season/trying to get a summer job after my regular SCREWED my over real good.

Yea, I think if D'Antoni plays his cards right, he COULD get Shelden and maybe a point guard. Why not offer the Rockets Barbosa((though I would HATE to see him go)) and James Jones for their pick and ALston? And work out the kinks if they show even moderate interest? Maybe send KT if we can pick up a decent center also in the draft with our second pick?

And, you guys are forgetting about our secret weapon: SKITA!! D'Antoni has been waiting for the offseason so he can get his trainers, the same ones who worked with Diaw last summer, to work with Skita. Who worked with Barbosa...and Diaw. Who is to say Skita wont be the feel good story of next year?
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