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Default Re: Tiago Splitter officially a San Antonio Spur

Originally Posted by SinJackal
Duncan ends up defending all the tough big men anyway, and every good big man defends him every game. He's basically C regardless. . .and does play with Blair sometimes. The only prob last year was that Blair couldn't defend any decent scoring bigs in the post. He could get them elsewhere and outrebound them, but he got scored on too much by people like Boozer or Gasol. SA didn't have enough money to go out and sign someone like Boozer without trading off TP or another piece they need.

Also, about Scola. . . Spurs drafted him a friggin LONG ass time ago, and he refused to play with SA for like half a decade. . .Spurs finally said screw it, then Scola suddenly took far less money than he was demanding from SA and went to play for Houston. Not really the kind of guy they wanna bring back to their team, ya' know?

About Blair/Duncan though, when they were on the floor together (just to go back into that a little more), they didn't seem to co-exist perfectly well. Blair would try to take rebounds away from Duncan, or dive for a ball that was clearly going right to Duncan with no chance of anyone else getting it. He also didn't rotate properly when he was on the floor with Duncan (at least a few times that I'd seen). They didn't clash too much, but I did notice that during a few of the games I'd seen.

All that said, I still love Blair :P But the guy clearly needs to learn how to play with other quality bigs on the floor at the same time. He hasn't learned to rely on his team enough yet. I believe this is one of the things he'll be working on in the summer league right now, along with defending PFs better so he can defend the Odoms and Boshes of the league a little better.

I'm thinking Blair improves on the little stuff in year 2.

The Scola situation was just like the Splitter situation. he was making more than he could in the US in Europe,so he wouldn't come over.When he was ready to come over, the Spurs dealt him. They had the option of paying him what Houston did actually. Not a big deal, but it should be said.
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