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Default Re: Douchebags on the court.

Originally Posted by devin112
That's just us Swag, that dude is a tough guy.

If I go up for a shot and get major contact and it doesn't effect my shot, like a body foul, then I won't call it. BUT if they foul me, like tap my elbow while I'm shooting I'm calling that. Doesn't matter how "tuff" you are, u get tapped on ur elbow you're missing the shot. If you don't call that, you're doing a disservice to your team and teammates. Basically it's a steal for the other team/ a turnover on you. But if that makes you feel tough, keep on doing it.

I mean, if the game is stopped and everyone's surrounding me seeing whether I got a concussion then yeah I'll call the foul, but too many times I play against people who go in, get rejected horribly and touched maybe just a little bit, and call a foul as the other 7 guys are back down the other end of the floor. I hate slowing the game down, I mean I'm not trying to be tough I'm just trying to keep the game going.

And I don't know if this ever happened to you, but have you ever seen a guy shoot the ball, get blocked and call a foul? Cause that's happened before and it's pretty stupid.
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