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Default Re: Discuss losing LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers perspective

Let me preface this by admitting i am a knick fan and hoped lebron would be in orange and blue.

he was a real punk for going to the heat.i woulda hated him for going to miami, the nets, the clippers etc but i woulda still watched him.i have no respect for him punking out and not COMPETING for a ring.he might as well order a ring online because him winning a championship should not be fulfilling. Pat Ewing never won but he woulda never played WITH jordan and pippen to get a ring.Bird wouldnt have played WITH magic and kareem.Kobe wouldnt play WITH the celtics.the sayin is "you have to beat the best to be the best" not join the best.I play madden alot but i cant brag if i won but had the settings on Rookie.He's a punk and a quitter.Im getting tshirts made to say "if you can't beat em',Bron em".

thats being said,dan gilbert's repeat bashing of lebron is an embarassment.he sounds like a bitter sore loser.he cant honestly say danny ferry did a good job.there were to opportunities to get amare and ferry blew it and instead brought in an aging shaq and jamison.not to mention you guys cap space got eaten up by overpaying anderson varejao's overrated @$$.n yall let amare slip away because yall didnt wanna give up JJ's that working out for you?I h8 to say it cuz i feel bad for the fans but i think you guys should sell the team.or maybe rename them and move to like cincy.something to changethe culture.LeBron is a once in a lifetime event.The biggest name in sports,a hs phenom unlike any other,2 time mvp, physical phenomenon, and from your home state.A the very least yall need a new jersey
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