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Default Re: Article: Jefferson is a great pick and roll player

IMO I think Utah got very luck and landed Jefferson.

There frontline is banking on their newly acquired rook for SF help , but Milsap and Big Al , unbelievably their PF position is solidified.
I would not doubt Sloan will be highly influent to Big Al's development along with newly acquired Raja Bell.

Al's weak spot is defense , and if he loses 15 lbs and 4 -6 points a game , but makes up for it with his defense , he will have an arena of fans backing him in Utah as long as he plays there.
Sloan I think will also influnce his personal life ,and make Big Al be a better person.

D-Will and Bell = one of the best back court tadom's in the league.
Why ?
D-Will is a 2nd or 3rd option offensive player always looking to pass and reading the defense very similar to Clyde Frazier. Which mean just him looking OVER defenders gives me a step or two of open space to nail a jumper. If he were to slash and dish or miss a layup , he has what most coachs orgasm over , a SG that has great defense on the blocks , on the wing and most importantly on outlet passes or fast breaks.

Just watch this back court,, it is a classic.
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