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Originally Posted by mattevans11
initial thoughts?

I like the move alot just from a players standpoint. I am thinking that 3 years is a bit much, but I like his ability to step in for yao if he gets injured as well as his ability to step out and make a jumper. Also love his toughenss on defense. he should be a good fit for the team. I like the move... what about you guys?

This is what we need. A legit back up center who has pretty good defense and offense. I think this move completed our bench because now we have a good starting line up and a good bench.

C: Yao/Miller
PF: Scola/Patterson
SF: Ariza/Battier
SG: Martin/Budinger
PG: Brooks/Lowry

Man that looks good, I just hope we can keep it together and stay healthy.
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