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Originally Posted by Bill Swerski
Comparison does not mean equal fam.

You're speaking to an official Jordan fan, from the chi.

Kobe is the only legitimate comparible to Jordan.

Kobe has many of the physical attributes, none, I repeat, none of the mental/decision-makin/clarity of focus/concetration attributes that Michael had.

Michael had more intangibles than Joe Montana & Wayne Gretzky combined.

Not to mention Kobe %ages, and assists/assist timing/team play get murdered & sh!t upon by Jordan's %ages assists/timing of assists/team play...

He is still worthy of comparison, Phil is proper.

Well... okay, but if you stop looking at the total package and judge things by particular abilities on the basketball court... then you can just as well say that Wade, LeBron, even Carter and AI are worthy of comparison
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