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Default I am very, very excited.

As a Buck’s fan, I am having great difficulty containing my excitement for the upcoming season. For the first time in a decade there are expectations, there is buzz, there is a feeling we have a winner. John Hammond’s work, while not perfect, has been miraculous. In just a short time turning a team of bloated salary, oft-injured players into a squad so deep I find myself scratching my head as to where all the minutes will go. (See the 4/5 positions, I’m not complaining, there are just only so many minutes)

With Lebron’s now infamous departure to South Beach and the collapse of basketball in Detroit, for the first time in a long time the Bucks have a legitimate shot at winning their division. Two year ago if you would have told me the Bucks could compete head to head with a Bulls team featuring Rose, Deng, Boozer and Noah I would have called you crazy. But it isn’t crazy, it is reality, and it is this challenge for the top spot between Chicago and Milwaukee that has me most excited.

Look at these teams 1-5:
Jennings/ Dooling
Salmons/ CDR
Maggette/ Defino
Bogut/ Sanders


What a ****ing matchup! Last year showed the beginning of the Rose/Jennings rivalry and this year will, in my opinion, cement it as a must watch NBA event. Add in the Salmons story line, Bogut vs. Noah, Boozer/Gooden and Skiles/Thibodeau and you have two teams that not only mirror each other but feature stars at like positions. Oh, and to top it off, they will be the two teams favored to win the Central division and challenge in the East.
For all the hype the Bulls are getting, and I’m not saying the Bucks aren’t getting respect, because they are, I feel the Bucks are going to take the Central division and surprise a lot of people with what is possible when build a team on heart, hustle and hunger.

Get excited Bucks fans, we’re in for a hell of a ride.
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