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Gerald Green
Kendrick Perkins
Delonte West
Ryan Gomes
Orien Greene
Al Jefferson
Dwayne Jones
Tony Allen

Is that all the youngters you guys have?

lets see IMO:

Gerald Green- Comparisons to T-Mac are stupid. He'll be like him but not as good.
Kendrick Perkins- Solid center a slightly above average starter in the fututre.
Delonte West- Small shootign guard. Shoots too much if I'm correct. Likely a career back-up.
Ryan Gomes- Shown some nice potential. I'd say he could start on half of the teams in the league after a couple years.
Orien Greene- Back-up or third string 1-2 combo, I like him though.
Al Jefferson- I dunno about this guy, seems like he's overhyped.
Dwayne Jones- Third string center.
Tony Allen- I like this guy, doesn't seem like mayn people do though. I can see him as a 7th or 8th man on a contender. Playing the role of the defensive energy filled spark.
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