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Disagree. Kobe in 2004 had a Shaq who was in decline, but unwilling to admit it, or to accept a lesser role as the focal point. So, in those instances when Kobe tried to take over games, particularly those games that they lost, the analysis tended to be that "they're not getting the ball to Shaq enough." Combined with Shaq's loud crying about needing the ball more and a lot of armchair psychoanalysis from stupid people about Kobe only caring about his shots, this gave the impression that Kobe was sabotaging the team, when in fact he was trying to do what was needed to get W's, namely, take over the bulk of the scoring load for a less effective, less dominant Shaq.

You actually heard the same kind of thing early on in this series, when the Heat were down there was a lot of talk about them having to adjust their gameplan to dump the ball down low. In fact, it was only over the course of the series that it became clear that Wade was driving the offense. Shaq's meek acceptance of this (combined with a Wade-adoring media that assumed the best (that Wade wanted to win instead of sabotage Shaq/put up a lot of points etc.) had a lot to do with how things are now viewed in hindsight.

If you really understood what the heat were doing, then it is easy to understand why kobe failed in 2004 and why Wade succeeded this past post season...

Getting Shaq the ball was still the key....Getting Shaq the ball is the control that kept the Mavs D on its heals the last 4 games...Even tho Wade took over the series, the heat kept periodically going back to Shaq in the paint in order to keep the Mavs honest and not switch up the D to swarm Wade.Getting the ball to Shaq was akin to the the run game/playaction fake effect in football. Even tho Shaq wasnt scoring, he was still making the defense double and compromise itself when he recieved the ball...The Mavs had to continue to respect his presence.....They could never fully go away from worrying about Shaq in the post....You obviously cant double Shaq & Wade at the same time....Wade and the Heat were patient....Wade didnt score at all in the 1st Qtr. of game 6....but he wound up with 30 something pts and 10 boards..They all were on the same page.

Kobe on the other seemed to be breaking off plays and doing his own thing in 2004...It doesnt seem anybody (including Phil) was sure of what kobe was doing out wasnt a controlled team effort to help kobe shine, it was kobe deciding himself that it was time to shine. If wade would have been just jacking up shots without establishing the fact that they will give the ball to Shaq if you dont respect his his presence, the heat would lost as bad as the lakers did in 2004....

And as far as Shaq goes, he wasnt showing on pick and rolls or rebounding like he shouldve, but he was dominating ben wallace in single coverage and should have seen the ball a whole lot more in that last finals appearance with the lakers
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