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Default Re: How do I redeem myself after getting arrested...

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
lol at this thread.

Great Greg, you a young cat, but it is hard not to laugh at your patheticness.

"I burned down a broken old birdhouse, now some dude name Tyrone is gonna make me toss salad for the next two years and my Mom has to wear a scarlet letter of shame."

STFU kid, ain't shit gonna happen to you, your mom will hopefully come to her goddamn senses.

Boys will be boys, no judge in his/er right Goddamn mind is gonna do anything about this.

This had me cracking up. I cant help but laugh at the fact that his mother is "in the next room crying"

Really, mom? A birdhouse being burned, and him getting in trouble with the law over that has you in tears?

I'd had to see her, when they run of out toothpaste in that household. It must spiral her down into a pit of depression.
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