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Default Re: How do I redeem myself after getting arrested...

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
I also find it extremely hard to believe a police officer said he is ashamed to breath the same air as a 15 year old who made a dumb mistake and that the kid should be castrated. I mean, c'mon. I've met some dickhead cops but that is wildly unbelievable.

that's some of the funniest shit i've ever heard. it's like superbad if seth rogen became a fricken badass and started talking shit to mclovin.

"you scum... you people with your birdseeds and your fire... you make me sick to my core. those birds didn't do nothing to you, they were just sitting there: "tweeet, tweet." then you dregs, you trash come in and set fire to the place. well that don't cut it, gumshoe... i'm here to see you never see the light of day again"
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