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You need to practice right, build your fundamentals up. It starts and ends with the jump shot. Once you have a jump shot with a good follow through everything starts to fall into place. You can go from being a good player to a very good player, or a player with skill and potential to an elite player. You also want to get as athletic speed, strength and vert wise as possible.

Take it from me kid, I was basically offered a spot possibly on scholarship to play for one of the better D-2 schools around my area to play college basketball just last week. I worked out with the team last week, I know the head coach, and went to their camps when i was a kid like 10 years old. He said there would be a spot for me on the team if I ever decide to go there, because of my game, not because I am friends with him. Because of my current situation I have to decline. At least I know i'm good enough to play college basketball right.

Anyway, like I said it starts with the jumpshot. I believe the last video a posted 3-4 months back I just started developing one it was at its early stages. Now it is a lot more mature. It has really opened up my game. Before I even had a jumper like the beginning of this year I was a drive only,and only shoot set shots and my form was poor. Now with a jumpshot my offensive is more versatile, I can pull up, fadeaway, and hit tough jumpers and work the mid range game more. I'll probably post a short video in a couple weeks.

My advice record yourself your set shot and jump shot, so you can see with your own eyes, then let other people see it and evaluate it, so you can make the correction on it then go from there.
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