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I don't know how this got into a "pick-up Boozer" thread, but here is what I think.. At his best, Boozer is capable of putting up around 17-20 ppg, and 10-12 rebs, as well as solid defense. Boozer is not a great offensive threat and gets few plays run for him; he gets most of those points on put backs and out of hustle. Just based on numbers, he would be a solid addition to any team looking for a big man.

However, his injuries are obviously a cause for concern, as well as his attitude. His injuries the past 2 seasons IMO should not be a reason to stay away, as injuries happen to (almost) all players in the league, and he showed last season that he can bounce back from injuries quickly. I am sure some of his recent "attitude" troubles have to do with living in Salt Lake City, which is like living in a bizarro world. It is probably the least attractive city for NBA players (and lifestyle) to play. That is why the Jazz have had to go with mostly foreigners on their squad, as most sane people don't want to go there IMO. A change of environment will most likely have a positive effect on Boozer, especially if he goes to a good team.

Unforturnately for Boozer, the Bulls (and the rest of the NBA) won't forget the contract dispute and shady dealings with Boozer as he left Cleveland. John Paxson's brother Jim was then the GM of the Cavs, when Boozer took advantage of the team not extending him to a third year as a favor, and booking to Utah for more money. While Boozer was still young (at age 22) when that occured, it is a red flag for any team wishing to acquire him. Teams, especially the Bulls, will be weary of picking up a player with little integrity, regardless of performance.

Then again, Ron Artest had no problem finding a taker....

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