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Originally Posted by KJones
No you are focusing on the wrong part. That kid would have been in the gym loving everything about the game with or without me. I'm talking about the absolute love of the game. That kid had that before I started working with him. Heaven to him was being in the gym working on his game before I helped him. The only reason I can push him so hard during our workouts is because of his love of the game and will to improve. The only reason I can stick him in workouts with my pro players and have him compete harder then them is because he loves the game. It has nothing to do with me or me working with him. I'm not working with him today but I bet if I call him right now, he and his little brother are in the gym with ear to ear smiles on their faces because the gym is their idea of paradise. Usually I don't work with youth/high school level players unless they are international players or I'm consulting a national level program. The only reason I worked with him was because I saw that pure love for the game that he had. It was the same love I had. I had that love before anyone worked with me. You can't teach or coach that.

I can teach you every skill in the world but you know what, that kid that loves the game is still going to be better then you because while you are at the movies he's in the gym working on what I he was taught and learning to use it in ways that you haven't began to even think about because you are more concerned with hanging out and playing x-box. Now when you step back on the court, a few days later he's two or three steps ahead of you. That's not a coaching advantage because I taught both players the same thing. The advantage came from one kid loving the game and one kid liking the game. Players who truly love the game don't get burned out. Bottom line. It might be harsh but its the truth.

The only reason we take breaks is because our bodies break down and need time to recover. Hell I'd be dribbling a ball through airport terminals wearing a sports coat, slacks and oxfords when I was going on vacation during the off-season. Until this day I keep an extra pair of shoes, shorts, jersey and a ball in every car that I own because I might get the urge to put some shots up while I'm driving. Or pass a gym or court and see a game game going on, I may have to hop out and call next. My favorite city to visit is Dubai not for the development or nightlife but because the Filipino guys will go out and run full court everyday at Za'abeel Park for 4 hours in 115 degree heat!

At the age of 17 and under, unless you are 6'10+ or supremely talented physically you can't afford to not totally love the game especially if you plan to play at the next level.

Jump higher and run faster:

real shit right there
im goin outside right now
im 17 and 5 ft 9

ima check out them videos u had up here too
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