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Webber has about 1 year left before his legs fall completely off his body. I don't think he could be traded for any pick higher than 15. Can you name any team in the NBA that would choose Webber over the #15 draft pick? Maybe the Knicks?

In a time where defense is hard to play because of the rules in place I kinda dismiss Chris' inabilty to play defense. He can rebound, which means something in this league. He is still the best passing big man in the league. He can shoot an open jumper on the pick & pop, a lot of teams could use that.

I have to disagree with you Adam. He IS worth a top 15 pick this year based on the fact that you get a known quality that will still produce for one year, possibly two... maybe three if everything goes well? You aren't sure about a top 15 pick, especially in this draft when you're looking at gues like Hilton Armstrong, Cedrick Simmons, Ronnie Brewer, etc.

I'm sure they will turn out to be okay, but they're not Chris Webber. I'm pretty sure Housten would absoulutly love to have Webber instead of the #8 pick. Yao, Webber & Tmac.. that's a serious contender if they gel. Right up there with Dallas and the Spurs in my opinion.

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