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Default Re: Lorenzen wright missing

Memphis 07/24/2010) "It's like the world just opened up and he fell in, " Deborah Marion is talking about her son, Lorenzen Wright.

The last time anyone in her family saw the, 6-11, former NBA player was Sunday night. Marion says Wright was at his ex-wife's home in Collierville between 10 and 11, when the ex woke up he was gone their cars still in the driveway.

"I can't pinpoint, no where he could be that I don't know where he is. No friends, we checked all his friends from here to Atlanta, Mississippi, everywhere so I don't have a clue" she said.

Marion says it is not like her son to not be in contact with his family.

They filed a missing persons report with the Collierville Police Department.

Officials tell us they do not suspect foul play and have told Marion there has been no strange activity to his bank account or credit cards.

"Everybody has been calling and his phone goes straight to voicemail. It rings four times and goes straight to voicemail."

Marion says Wright's six kids are taking the disappearance really hard, especially his 13-year old daughter, who she says would talk to her father everyday, "The 13-year old is taking it worse than anybody. He always calls her and he always answers her calls and she doesn't understand why he's not calling, why he isn't answering her calls."

Now, Wright's mother says she needs your support to help her find her son who was once a Memphis fan favorite.

"Just anything, that they've seen they can call the police and say we saw him at this place, anything."

If you have any information about Lorenzen Wright's whereabouts, call The Collierville Police Department at 901-853-3207.,7262210.story
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