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Default Addicted to Grey's Anatomy

Anyone like this show? I just started watching it like 3 days ago and I've already gone through 20 episodes. I started halfway through season 5 because I dvr'ed the 3 daily episodes they air on Lifetime channel. I found a site online and begun watching it from episode 1. Very awesome show. I'll admit I first was intrigued by it because of Katherine Heigl. It grew on me, 1 year ago I hated this show with all my guts, now I put aside my daily m@sturbation ritual to watch this show. I literally am addicted to this show, any free time I have, I dedicate to watching the show. I have 6 seasons to cover. I haven't watched a show this often since Smallville and House. Also on my new fav tv show list is Big Bang theory.
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