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Default Re: Future of the Spurs

Originally Posted by idizzle
The Spurs to me look like they are running out of gas as the years have gone by.

I like George Hill and Dejuan Blair as the Future of the Spurs.

I like George Hill's game as a scoring PG. I think the Spurs should look for a SG (Point Forward) type of player to play next to George.

LaceDarius Dunn from Baylor

Terrico White from Ole Miss

JP Prince from Tennessee.

George Hill is nowhere near good enough to build around. A player who's not known for much besides scoring is not what you build around. . .AT ALL. He is like Jamal Crawford only with some defense. The role he was in last season is the role best suited for him.

Blair, while good, has very suspect knees and I do not expect him to actually have a "full NBA career". He's going to be an 6-10 season guy. You can't build around that either.

Remember, these guys were picked 26th and 37th (I think I have those numbers right). They're good pieces, but you can't build around them.

What SA has done this offseason, I am happy with. Anderson was arguably a #6-10 pick, but dropped due to his hamstring injury which is obviously going to heal eventually. They also signed Splitter who is only 25, and is a legit top 10 C. Not that the pickings at C are that deep or anything. . .

SA will put up an impressive year this year imo. They even have a shot at a championship. They have all the pieces right now that are needed for one. The only arguments against it are than Duncan is a couple years out of his prime, and Manu is a year or so out of his. They are nowhere near sucking though. Parker's still young, Jefferson should be better. Blair will be better, Hill will be just as good or better. Now they have Splitter to fill a big void that's been there for years. They also lucked out and had Anderson drop to their draft spot.

After this year, and yes, it's probably going to start looking bad since TP will probably be gone. . .and it will become obvious that Hill is not capable of filling his shoes. Duncan also has one pretty good year left. Right now. After that, even though I love the guy, he obviously can't be relied upon to carry the load for the team anymore.

However. . .if they can work out a deal with Timmy to have a smaller contract so they can possibly sign a guy to come in and help. . .who knows if they'll be able to get back in the running again. With the way they've been working their moves though, it's kind of obvious they're going to just stick with Timmy and go down with the ship until he retires. Just have to hope Pop can kick Splitter in the ass hard enough to grab more boards.
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