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Originally Posted by IamtheWalrus
look at his progress in Denver. If he had a 10 year career in denver and his team performed the way it has been doing now, he would also demand a trade

from the looks of this,

philly losing was entirely his fault. glad we got rid of him.

if AI had spent 10 years in Denver he'd probably own a ring by now. i cant wait until Melo and JR come back. they're going to surprise people.

Iverson is playing like i expected him to play during this time period. he has no role whatsoever yet, because the current team is in shambles. when he does nothing but pass the 2nd unit misses jumpers nonstop. when he's tried to shoot more he's had so-so results. did anyone expect AI to carry Denver's 2nd unit to a 8-0 record? not even MJ could have carried the current Denver squad. Diawara and Boykins are logging 40 minute games! its tough when for a lot of the games you're missing Melo, JR, Kmart, Camby, and Nene. thats an entire starting 5 thats vanished.

like i keep saying, you cant judge anything yet. in 2 months if its a disaster, i'll be bashing right along with you. but the AI/Melo/Smith era hasnt even begun yet. the team AI is leading now is just as bad as the Sixers.
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