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Default Re: Addicted to Grey's Anatomy

Originally Posted by D-Rose
I've watched all the seasons of it, I like it mostly bc of the medical side of it, not into the mushy relationship stuff but hey it's a decent show.

I prefer House though
yeah, there is no beating house.

Originally Posted by Juges8932
Eh, I bought the first season because it was for sale for like $9, and I just don't turn down TV seasons for that cheap. I watched it, it was good; bought the second season, it was also good. Then I started the third season, but never had any desire to stick through it and finish it, which is rare/weird for me, considering how many shows I watch. It's ok, but I think highly overrated. As far as the chick drama shows go, Desperate Housewives is the best IMO. Also, Grey's was ranked as the worst/second-worst medical drama at depicting accurately the medical business and how things operate, etc. They have good actors, but I just don't find myself to particularly give a shit about the characters, and I am definitely a character guy. I have to have likable characters that I get attached to.

tbh, i started watching it because katherine heigl, but she's a b!tch in the show, and less attractive although i would still like to smash. my fav character is the surgeon that is dating little grey(grey's sister), but he doesn't come on till later.
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