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Default Re: How do I redeem myself after getting arrested...

God, the fact that it looks like his face is melting is f*cking hilarious, even if it is from crappy photoshopping (lol not that I can do anything there). Plus I can't believe I missed this thread for the last 3 days!

But seriously, this will all blow over Greatgreg. Take some of the serious posts in this thread seriously, and try to correct some of the stuff that previously made your mum angry, even if it means long term sacrifice. You can't really start doing better at homework, but start doing chores, don't wait for your mum to tell you to do it, or even volunteer, just go and do it on your own initiative. As for the criminial record thing, uh, you're screwed. nah just kidding, never had experience there so not sure what to say.
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