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Default Re: CLINTON PORTIS- Comeback Player of the Year??

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
Don't get me wrong, Shanahan is my favorite coach of all-time. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Portis has spring left in his legs, on the plus side his injury last year saved him a lot of carries and last time he missed 8 games i think was 3 years ago? he bounced back great... I definitely think he's gonna get 20 carries a game... and he's there best 3rd down back to. I'm excited for the skins', Santana Moss has been aching for a big arm QB and he gets one.. Shanny is one of the best coaches in the league to me so you know he'll have his troops ready. LJ is my favorite RB of the past 6-7 years, but he's over it poor guy was run into the ground by Herm Edwards, although in KC last year his O-line was horrible.... so who knows. I like how Portis is focused this year though, I do have him as a sleeper in fantasy but that's more about situation and attempts than ability left in those legs.

Clinton's an extremely savy back so the fact that he's at his old playing weight and has gotten to rest for numerous months without getting hit is extremely beneficial for his cause. Dude is a warrior, always has been so I like his mentality heading into the season.

Clinton Portis: 1,329 yds, 4.4 ypc, 9 TDs
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