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Nice write up on the 3 systems and I couldnít agree more. I feel at this point Microsoft in a very short time has surpassed Sony in the console wars now whether they can keep the edge will have to wait and see but in the short time that Xbox has been out it has taking gaming to another level and with the Xbox Live on 360 it will take a lot for Sony to recover. I also agree that if Nintendo gets itís act together and was able to develop a good online community it could also surpass Sony I loved Mario Cart and Smash Bros and if Nintendo could create an online functionality (that is as user friendly as the Xbox) Sony would be taking a back seat to both 360 and Wii there are still a lot of what ifís but as of now I see it like this.

● Enhanced Graphics (360 = PS3 I played both and didnít notice a huge difference)
● Huge 3rd Party Support (360 / PS3)
● Superior Online Community (360................................ PS3 / Wii) (this to me puts it over the top)
● Affordability (Wii / 360)

Another big + for the 360 IMO is the fact that you can go to a Target or Walmart and pick up a 13 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold with out having to give a credit card # online just get the card from the store and put in the redemption code.
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