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Default Re: Good Rap/Hip-Hop Thread

Originally Posted by -playmaker-
that is really good stuff there...

wow, he about kills that QUEEN ...hahaha...didn't see that comin

edit: oh he DOES kill her...WOW

he was showing respect by shooting her in the chest rather than the she can have an open casket...

"I love you to DEATH"...

that is really hard core...
Hah yeah, ending had a nice touch.

"I was down to give my life for you,
wife for you, I loved you from the start
stankin ass ***** your breakin my heart
Ho I should shoot you in your face
closed casket your weight
But I'm gon show respect and bang you in the chest
I love you to *blam*..."

You might like this one too if you havn't heard it, either way the videos nice.
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