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Originally Posted by aabanilla
Yo Laker fans, it's me

I haven't posted since Christmas time
and to be honest, I haven't even looked at ISH until today... I wanted to see if there were any Laker rmors floating around.

so anyways, I hope things are well for whatever members of the old Laker fam still hanging around. If there are any of you left- YUP, it's official, I am back in school for my bachelor degree in computer science- it's about damned time. I've been in IT for 9 years now, I'll finally have more stupid paperwork to show that I can do my job

in other arthuro news: I just got a tatto
never had one before
I sent a pic to Crisoner
I have a tribal turtle (my old mountain biking nickname was turtle) with the flag of the Philippines in the middle. I likes- I'm thinking about getting some Alibata text (ancient Filippino writing) stating Ako ay Pilipino

and... more importantly
I don't care what any Laker fans have to say.
I'm happy for Shaq
like him or not, he is one of the best centers to ever play this game
I'm glad for his legacy that he was able to move to another team and win anohter championship. It's a shame that things didn't work out in LA, but thems the breaks, huh?

I hope the Lakers keep improving
I'm still ticked at Kobe's disappearing act in game 7- you can't tell me that loss wasn't on him- he said it himself, he can score anytime he wants to. and in a game 7, he jacks 3 shots in the 2nd half?!?!?!?!? whatever

I hope they get a point guard with the basketballs large enough to run the show. they need someone willing to take over when Kobe "plays within the offense" yeah yeah yeah... I know. he just can't win. either he's a ballhog, or he's showing up his team. but you know what? he WANTED this- his own team. he wants to be the face, he needs to act accordingly. a bunch of wins, and a long run in the playoffs would have fans like me shutting the h&ll up about him, right?

love you guys
I still won't post
but I love you guys

just lurk then. stay connected then. occasionally i'd like to see...


occasionally remind us that kobe stole your cousin's bike.

thanks for peeking in!
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