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Default Re: CLINTON PORTIS- Comeback Player of the Year??

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
I felt this way about LT last year... I really thought LT was going for a big year but it turns out he was over it... Portis is definitely at a crossroads I would LOVE to see him have a great year and will definitely be supportive as he's a UM guy.

I hope your right though, if Portis is in form Washington can do anything in that division as tough as it is.... I'm believing in McNabb, Moss, Cooley etc. on offense already.

Yea I see why you're skeptical. You could be right but Portis my man so I'm just excited to see a competent offense led by an instictive QB and fixing our atrocious O-line. Don't forget that CP was a MAJOR MVP candidate first half of '08 before ppl figured out our wack offensive philosophy and the line broke down
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