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Default Re: Good Rap/Hip-Hop Thread

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
you don't really try though do you? because you say you don't like anything except "gangsta rap" and you won't try listening to anything else. then you come into hip hop threads and say "all hip hop sucks right now except GIBBS!, etc." well you don't really know what you're talking about because you purposely don't listen to the majority of current artists.
I never said that in here but imo the vast majority of rap today does infact SUCK...however when I say that I usual refer to mainstream radio-hop...which is not what is being posted in here...I don't think most of the stuff in here "sucks" it just isn't something I can really get into...

please don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about in reference to my own damn opinion...I know what I think sucks and doesn't...

there are a lot of current artists I have yet to listen to though, and yeah, I probably don't give some of these guys enough of a chance, I'll give you that...

just don't bring me cracking down on rap in thread dedicated to Jay-Z or some shit in here...different thread, different situation...
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