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Default Re: Favorite Trash Talking Lines

Haha at OjMayo's post. When it's gamepoint, I would say "Good Game"/"Here's JOHNNY!" before I score it. When I'm about to score a point I'll say exactly what I'm going to do and do it(for some reason they think I'm lieing or something lol) like "Ok so this is what going to happen. Crossover then I'll blow pass you then I'll crossover again then I'll blow pass you again then I'll reverse layup kk?". If the other team decides to make some plays that I know will fail, I'll say an nba name accordingly. Like If a guy is going to airball a 3 I'll say "KOBE". If a guy is about to get stopped from hogging the ball from a fail crossover I'll say "HOTSAUCE". If a guy was about to fail a pass, I'll say "STEVE NASH TO THE RESCUE". There's alot more, since I just come up with it during the game.
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