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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
Glad to see that everyone here gets my point. Then again you guys would.

On the other hand, if Rasheed Wallace hits the market(read on a pistons board that he might be unhappy in Detroit) do you think we should go after him? Averaging 8 boards/2 blocks a game. Always been a favorite player of mine. Only way you can win without a superstar is with good/great D, Sheed would certainly help that. Maybe trade Miller+Hart for him and then trade Shareef for Brendan Haywood. Our D would be way better.
That would provide us with the the shotblocker we have been lacking but would cost us a lot of scoring unless Sheed could average in the mid teens.

I think the reason that Artest and the rest of the the swingmen can't seem to play good D is because they lack a shotblocker behind them. All good perimeter defenders have shotblockers behind them: Bowen has Duncan, Hassel has KG, Artest used to have Oneal...

Whats sheeds contract situation? I remember it being like about 10 mill a year and 2 or 3 yrs left...
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