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Default Re: Question for Former High School Football Players

Originally Posted by Th3ShowMVP
Yeah. obviously lol.

Like, was there a lot of conditioning shit and a lot of running? (not counting the drills and scrimmages and shit) I'm just talking like straight up gashers, suicides, back and forths, etc.
I remember running 4 miles (think it was 4) with pads on in that humid August weather. Each day. Lot of puking for some people.

Had to do a lot of ladders too which I thought was just a basketball thing. In basketball it's when you have 2 groups and one group lines up on the baseline and runs the length of the court. Then group 2 runs the length of the court. Then group one is back up and runs the length 3 times, then group 2. You do that 1 time, 3 times, 5 times, 7 times, and 9 times except in football it's a football field instead of a court and of course it's not in air conditioning. Hated those.

Then there were drills where we had to run the length of the field a certain amount of times in a certain time but forget what it was. The time was different for linemen.
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