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Default Re: Question for Former High School Football Players

Originally Posted by Posterize246
I remember running 4 miles (think it was 4) with pads on in that humid August weather. Each day. Lot of puking for some people.

Had to do a lot of ladders too which I thought was just a basketball thing. In basketball it's when you have 2 groups and one group lines up on the baseline and runs the length of the court. Then group 2 runs the length of the court. Then group one is back up and runs the length 3 times, then group 2. You do that 1 time, 3 times, 5 times, 7 times, and 9 times except in football it's a football field instead of a court and of course it's not in air conditioning. Hated those.

Then there were drills where we had to run the length of the field a certain amount of times in a certain time but forget what it was. The time was different for linemen.
Damn...........And what happened if someone missed the time? Can't practice? I remember we did conditioning test a couple of weeks ago, one every week, but without pads. If you didn't pass it, you would have to do it again the next day in the early morning, not to mention that turns off your ability to start and get playing time.

What position did you play in HS?
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