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Default Pistons To Make Trade Before Start Of Camp...

I saw this in the rumors today.

Greg Kelser said he believes Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars and his staff are plotting a way to make the team's front line better before training camp starts. Kelser spoke while spending part of Monday morning at Detroit Communication & Media Arts High School for a building makeover celebration. "I think they will make a move before the start of training camp," said Kelser, the Pistons' TV color analyst. "There is still some strengthening on the front line that needs to occur, in my opinion. I think the backcourt is pretty strong. ... but the front line is where they were sorely lacking last year, especially with rebounding and scoring, low-post scoring. Detroit Free Press

It still seems like Joe D is really trying to get something done before the start of training camp, like we've talked about all along. That Tyson Chandler trade should have happened.... I really wonder who he is looking at though. At this point it has to be a Ben Wallace type of trade. Someone that we haven't heard of who might be an impact type player. Shaq is still available but it would seem like that isn't who he is looking at and certainly doesn't fix things for the long term.
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