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Default Re: Point Guard situation?

Pistons to address PG situation.

In the backcourt, Kelser agreed that the Pistons still don't have a lead guard, but the talent available should suffice.
"I think everybody agrees with the consensus that a solid, true point guard would be helpful with all these scorers and shooters," Kelser said. "Will Bynum, when he comes in, he has the ability to distribute and get other people involved. ... He's a combo guard. Rodney (Stuckey) is a combo guard. I'm not too worried about it if that's where they find themselves in October, because I think all those guys can handle the point guard spot if called upon."

The Pistons should do like the Warriors and find some undrafted players in D-League. The Warriors always strike gold finding players their especially guards.

The Pistons should look at these guys.

A.J. Slaughter
Willie Kemp
Ishmael Smith
Sherron Collins
Jerome Randle
Mikhail Torrance

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