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For me, all the systems have their flaws, that make me want to wait...

I think the PS3 could very well be the better system, but the $600 price tag is outrageous. It isn't even worth talking about. I refuse to buy one at that price. But the controller is the most comfortable for me. Although I don't like wireless technology, all the "next gens" have gone that route. Save up your money for batteries. Lastly, I don't think anyone is convinced that Blue-Ray technology is either stable, or here to stay.

I'm really curious to hear some reviews from people who actually have the PS3. I heard that it was disappointing at E3.

Also, Sony's online has always been free, better than paying for X-Box Live.

Regarding the X-Box, I don't like having to pay to use the online feature when I can do it for free with Sony's system. Also, I have a real problem with anyone asking me to support anymore Microsoft products after they way they have handled Windows in recent years. And from what I understand, the X-box is more affordable at $400.00, but external equipment will be required in the future and it will bring the total back up to $600.00. (I can't remember if I heard you need a hard drive, or an additional disk drive (i.e. HD DVD?))

Regarding the Wii, I think it may actually be the most advanced gaming system, because it most closely relates to Virtual Reality, which is definately the end product of gaming as I see it.

But I don't think they did a very good job of making it user friendly. What if I don't _want_ to use their motion activated controller? I want to play Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. I'd like to play it a lot actually. But can I do it with a normal joystick? I'd have to try this system out before I actually was sold on it.

Obviously you can't say enough good things about the $250 price tag, but I really have to try this out before I know if I like having to do everything by hand, instead of the usual hand-held finger controlled, good old game pad.

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