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Default Re: Bernard Pierce for the Heisman

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
That's a nice website man. I like it. It'd be nice for one of the "lesser known" players to take a Heisman for once. Kinda like how Gerhart practically came out of the blue this past season.

I'm gonna have to say JERROD JOHNSON FOR HEISMAN!

Actually, it was Suh, based on ESPN's withering last minute hype in his favor, who came out of the blue and basically kept Gerhart from winning the trophy at the end. When was the last time a DT was hyped for the Heisman? That took some Western votes away from Gerhart and handed the tropy to the Alabama RB instead of Toby who deserved it. Wonder which DT ESPN is going to hype for the Heisman this year. LOL
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