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i have the 360 and wii, and my friend has all 3. we mostly play the 360. the wii is fun when u have friends over and u play party games for drinks and such. the ps3 doesnt have **** for it right now. and it collects dust.
another thing you failed to mention was 360's head start. that was a HUGE move for m$. they did to sone what sony did to them last year. this head start cost sony alot of market share, from which they may never recover. sony has stumbled at every turn. now before you call me a m$ fanboy, let me assure you im not. ive always supported sony, and actually prefer the japanese-centric games that sony gets. they are losing alot of their exclusives though, due to m$ being out early and grabbing 10+ million users before sony could do anything. sony is gonna be playing catch up throughout this generation, its kinda sad, i really wanted sony to win. If sony does manage to fix their issues and win, i'll get a ps3. i dont mind spending 600, but i cant justify that if i can get the same if not better experience on a wii+360.
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