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Originally Posted by NashIzGod
Watcha all think of the TNT postgame and halftime? In the postgame, Barkley came up with every reason alive not to give Nash the MVP. He said that Dirk deserved it last year.

Barkley kept contradicting himself. He kept saying that Dirk deserved it in 2005 since he had a better record than Nash. However, he said that Shaq deserved it over Nash in 2004. Although, I believe, Phoenix had the best record that year.

More Barkley crap:

"Reporters are full of it" (for their MVP votes)
"Cleveland is a terrible team" (cuz PHX was smakin' them)

The Nash hatefest continues. WTF are people gonna do when PHX wins it all?????

I don't see them winning it all, but that was some pure hate by Barkley. MVP is based on where your team would be without you. In Barkley time Jordan should have won MVP every single year since 1991. Barkley's MVP was a joke. They may have had the best record, but Kevin Johnson was the glue to that team. Who would have had the worst record if they werent reprsented by their star? The Bulls or Suns? KJ even showed it in the playoffs that year with all that scoring in the finals, to which Bark was a virtual no-show.
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