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Default Re: NFL - Teach a noob

Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
I watch football, though not with keen eye that most posters in this forum do. What I'm always curious about is how to people judge players that aren't regularly shown on the TV screen, like cornerbacks and safeties. They're really only shown from snap to tackle when someone gets a reception. Are those reputations based on statistics? I've also found it very hard to judge O-lineman, what am I supposed to be looking for in terms of what makes a skilled offensive lineman? Of course not allowing a sack is a big thing, but I'm speaking more on technique and the like.

Yeah reputation definately plays a part in CB position. Its one of the toughest positions to evaluate. Its not hard to break down a Safety. The OL is another position to rank/judge and that too can be based off rep and taking what others who actually do study the position word for it.

Schemes also play a factor in OL and CBs as well. You have to understand what teams run to give you a better sense of what thier jobs are. You may fault a player when really it wasnt thier fault. Some CBs excel well in zone coverages whereas you put them on an island by themselves? They would struggle. Like if you asked me to rank the top 15 CBs in the NFL? I couldnt do it as easy as other positions. Who are the top 5 Left Guards in football? I could give you a better CB ranking list than this one.
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