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Default Re: introduce yourself Cavs fans

well, i'm a nets fan first and foremost. but after spending most of my life in philly, on april 15th, 2010 i moved back to c-town, where i lived as a young child from age 2-7.

so i'm open to becoming a cavs fan as time goes by.

i also surprised myself by being mad as hell when lebron raked cleveland over the coals a couple weeks ago. i mean, why the hell should i care, other than it being yet another economic blow to the area i now live in? but even as a philly guy, the lebron move was probably the most narcissistic, self-important and gutless move i've ever seen in sports.

and that's saying a lot, since i've been around for awhile.

*ahem* anyway...

Gender: still male, since sex-reassignment surgery does not interest me very much. plus it's pricey.

Age: somewhere between 30 and 90.

Hometown: upper darby, PA.

Current Residence: shaker square- border of shaker heights and cleveland, OH.

Occupation: retired / disabled. did tech support most of my life because health problems prevented me from properly pursuing marine biology.

Hobbies (other than basketball): tennis, table tennis, cosmology, comparative mythology, fine art, writing, and being a stupid dumbass for cheap thrills.

My Teams: the nets, plus i usually follow teams with nets' stars from the past, such as the mavs, the magic, the spurs, and the nuggets.

Movies: what would you like to know about them? they were invented around the early 1880's and did not include sound until about forty years later.

TV Shows: what would you like to know? there are hundreds of them with the advent of cable.

Favorite movie quotes: "careful, man; there's a beverage involved, here!" -the big lebowsky

Music: just watch me dance to it.

Books: i'm getting rid of all my physical books and replacing them with their e-versions. does that interest you in any particular way?

Food: i eat it when i'm stressed or bored. sometimes i eat when i'm hungry.

What you bring to ISH: a warm body (for now), and some home-brewed oatmeal stout.
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