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Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
so it's pure specualtion to say that all Kobe did last season was score? You don't think that's common sense?

You don't think it's strange that a guy who preaches team play like Phil does would encourage Kobe to do nothing but score?

So if it is so out of character for Phil to do this then what other motive could he have?

If what I am saying isn't backed up by facts then show me facts refuting what I am saying.. if you can't do that then what I am saying must be accurate..

So again, you are a hypocrite. And I am sorry.. there are no stats to support that either.. doesn't make it any less true.

Kobe did score alot last season, not denying anything there. What Im talking about is all the "Phil trying to get it out of his system"...and the "kobe is only good because of Phil". Jordan in the yrs he played with Phil as coach scored 30+ in 5 seasons so its common for a superstar to dominate in phil's system...Did Phil "encourage" Kobe to score? Not quiet, but he did allow him to take over knowing that the team is still young and inexperienced. Team play doesnt mean everyone has to avg under 25 pts/gm. And what do you mean all kobe did was score??? its not like the team sucked. they won 45 games behind him in the West despite being a very young team.

A yr later, and the team is a little older, more experinced and getting a hang of the offense. Whats Kobe doing now? hes trusting them more, deferring, trying to make them better.

When I talk about you speculating things is when you say sh!t like "Phil wanted to get it out of his system"...then you make rediculous statements like "Kobe is nothing w/o Phil". Does Phil make Kobe better? Yes, most definetly. Is Kobe a "nobody" w/o Phil? **** outta here

Kobe's scoring a creation of Phil? WHAT? Did Phil put the ball in the hoop for him? Phil just instructed him on what to do. Get over it dude, Kobe did what he had to to get his team the W

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