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So why didn't Kobe play as well with Rudy T? He was TERRIBLE with Rudy T. How do you explain that?

The reason Kobe was terrible with Rudy T is that Kobe was trying to do everything.. get triple doulbes all the time and be a scoring god.. even when he was just trying to score he couldn't do that either. So why is it so crazy to say Kobe's coring was created by Phil? He couldn't do it without Phil.. that's a fact.. then you claim I don't back up my comments with anything.. you aren't backing your comments with anything.. we are just supposed to assume Kobe was MVP.. even though he couldn't do squat without Phil? I honestly believe Kobe would have hit rock bottom if Phil hadn't saved him.. that's the direction he was heading.

It's also a fact Phil was using screens to help Kobe create offense and using Odom to create offense for Kobe.. that's not speculation.. watch the games like I did. MVP's are supposed to make the players aorund them better.. not the other way around.. which is why if anyone was MVP of the Lakers it was Odom or Phil Jackson. Even this season Odom started the Lakers off on the right foot while Kobe was injured.

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