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Originally Posted by EricForman
by the way, what happened to the "Yao Ming is dating Nia Long" thread in which GoBB got owned and clowned by 5 people?

Come on Jeff, why do you have to delete that thread when there are so many other clown/stupid/moronic threads going around? Now GoBB is gonna act like that thread never happened becuase it's not around anymore. More people needs to see it. That crap was hilarious.

Because it was the epitome of what is wrong with ISH: a ton of arguing and dissing that did not elevate the discussion at all. By the way, what's your obsession with GoBB? He bang your mom/sister/dog or something?

It's also a fact Phil was using screens to help Kobe create offense and using Odom to create offense for Kobe.. that's not speculation.. watch the games like I did. MVP's are supposed to make the players aorund them better.. not the other way around.. which is why if anyone was MVP of the Lakers it was Odom or Phil Jackson. Even this season Odom started the Lakers off on the right foot while Kobe was injured.

Yeah I mean, why even have a coach, right? MVPs don't need 'em. I remember all those MVPs that Steve Nash had when he was being coached by Don Nelson. And I was like, "Damn, boy don't need Don Nelson, look at all these MVPs he got!" It was good.

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