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Originally Posted by reppy
Because it was the epitome of what is wrong with ISH: a ton of arguing and dissing that did not elevate the discussion at all. By the way, what's your obsession with GoBB? He bang your mom/sister/dog or something?

It's not an obsession, he made a typical dumbass comment, I pointed it out, everyone laughed.

Obsessed? With Elite+Lakers, Loki/JordanStar+Jordan, PleezeBelieve+Lebron, GeeWiz+Arenas, Knoe+ anti kobe, the usual group of 3 kobe fans vs the usual group of 3 anti kobe, and half you guys starting random threads on any and everything, I'm the one obsessed? I post to tons of other threads, and nor do I only show up on threads with GoBB. I tell people when they're wrong. Like when KentATM said Shaq was never the best player in the league, or earlier when JtotheIzzo insist on saying Barkley hating on Shaq, or when Elite start his dumb threads, I defend Pippen when he's unfairly bashed and will point out Pippen is a big choker in the next thread. I tell it like it is. GoBB contradicts himself every other post and make BS claims, I tell him he's a moron for it, if all you can throw at me is "you're obsessed with Gobb" so be it.

I don't get why suddenly the Mods are deleting threads and acting all mature. This is HARDLY a mature board in the first place. That thread wasn't even 1/4th as bad as some of the stuff that usually goes on here.

why isn't this thread deleted? It's started over a lie. Barkley did not bash Nash at all on TNT at all last night. But you got morons coming in here saying "Barkley sux for hating on Nash, Barkley is a jerk". Those of you debating Barkley's stance are arguing over a lie.

all this when Barkley didn't say anything bad at all? all his quotes were taken out of context and twisted by the post starter. If anything should be deleted it's stupid threads like these and random jump-to-conclusions "<insert player> is the best" threads after like one good game.

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