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Originally Posted by hotsizzle
Lets get one thing str8, I dont think Kobe should have been MVP last yr, that was for Dirk but Kobe did play like an MVP candidate.

Kobe with Rudy T: 28 pts 6 rebs 6 assts, the team was 22-16...kobe got injured, rudy t retired, frank hamlin came in and wanted the team to learn the triangle MID SEASON (triangle usually needs 1-2 yrs to grasp), then odom gets injured...and hell is raised. But look at kobe's numbers...thats rock bottom???

Half the time last season, the team was lost in the offense. Just ask tex winter who criticized Odom for it. Half the time, they would give Kobe the ball and literally get out of the way..ask phil and the laker players themselves about it. Kobe was facing double/triple teams night in and night out and smoked them, including your homeboys the mavs. But yea, Phil made kobe fight the double/triple teams. the **** outta here you watch their games...

Wanna play that game, ok? Dirk did nothing w/o avery. He was never considered a top notch MVP candidate, never considered a premier player in the L. Avery came in and all that changed. Avery made Dirk...

Coaches dont make players, they help players. Phil cant play for Kobe, he can only tell Kobe how to play.

Its not a coincidence that Phil has 9 rings, hes a mastermind, he knows how to win and kobe/phil essentially need each other to succeed.

But one question? what MVP didnt have a good coach? to be an MVP, you dont need to have a trash coach and a trash cast...what championship team didnt have a good coach??? It all starts with the coach bro, but again, they dont make the players.

In the season without Phil, Kobe shots 43 percent from the field.. 34 percent from 3.. and had a 1 to 1 assists to turnover ratio.. which is atrocious..

Those are terrible stats.. those stats certianly don't make Kobe a special player.

So again.. BACK UP YOUR STATEMENT, hypocrite.
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